Ann has delivered dozens of talks both across Canada and abroad.
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Recent topics include:

Our Love Affair with Alcohol: How a Fairy-tale Romance Blocks Strong Policy

To create strong alcohol policy, we need to take a hard look at the best available evidence, examine our core values and ask ourselves: what do we want for Canada? What role does the media play in the outcome? Enormous. Ann argues that the media is key to shaping strong policy: essential in disseminating good research, advocating for change and puncturing many myths.

The Drinking Diaries: Why Women Drink Too Much, What We Can Do About It

Alcohol consumption is on the rise, and women are leading the growth, both here and in most of the developing world. Parity in postsecondary achievement, parity in the workforce, and now this? Clearly, this is not what Gloria Steinem had in mind. The marketers think differently. Ann explores this phenomenon: what's driving the trend in risky drinking for all age groups, the health risks, and what can be done.

Stigma and Addiction: The Real Enemy

In our society, would you rather be known as an alcoholic or a person who suffers from depression? This was the question Ann posed to dozens of women. Not one woman chose alcoholic. Why? The stigma was too overwhelming.

For 20 years, scientists have known that alcohol addiction is a chronic, relapsing brain disease. While there has been strong national leadership around stigma and mental health, the voices on addiction have been silent. The gap between what we know and do not do? A national embarrassment. Ann tackles the stigma issue, charting the way forward.

Past Events

  • Interview on Global TV, November 28, 2011

  • Interview on CTV, November 25, 2011